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Fuse Me In is a step ahead in more than just our service. Integrity, collegiality, accountability, compassion, transparency, diversity, dedication & excellence. The Fuse Me In experience is designed to improve our students’ medical history taking, physical exam & diagnostic skills, interpretation of laboratory values, presentation of medical topics, and procedures, in addition to utilizing their critical thinking and problem solving skills when addressing medical issues encountered in the clinical setting.  Our commitment to doing an excellent job and making sure our students are informed and involved throughout the process, helps distinguish us from the rest of the field.
To be eligible for any clincal/clerkship rotation documentation of the below information must be on file with Fuse Me In prior to beginning.

Proof of Malpractice

Provided from Your Institution

Regardless of the situation, a student MUST HAVE proof of malpractice insurance before any rotation can begin. You must request a certificate to be sent to Fuse Me In. You must keep an updated certificate on file with Fuse Me In while rotating.

Valid Photo ID

State-Issued Driver's License/ID Card or Passport

Fuse Me In must be provided with a color copy of a valid, clear and legible ID (passport or driver’s license acceptable only).

Proof of Current Visa Status

Visa Page on Passport

Fuse Me In must be provided with a clear and legible proof of current visa status.

Police Background Check

Fuse Me In must be provided with a police background check that is no older than six (6) months before beginning rotations. Based on the requirements of the training institution or site, students may be required to undergo additional background checks as well as drug screening prior to beginning a rotation.

2 Step PPD

A negative 2 step PPD (The tuberculosis skin test, tuberculin test or Mantoux test)- if positive or you have a history of a positive test, you must submit a copy of your current (in the past 8 months) chest x-ray results. This must be on file before beginning rotations.

Physician Documentation

Fuse Me In must be provided with a current physical, proof of a recent (within last year) flu shot, and proof that you are current on Hep B., varicella, tetanus, and MMR. Immunization records must be dated within the last 10 years or you must supply recent titers.

CV (Resume) / USMLE Scores

Fuse me In must be provided with a current copy of your CV or resume. USMLE Scores and dates of exams need to be provided if available.

HIPPA Certification

Get Certified Now
Payment Required

Fuse Me In must have a HIPPA Certification for you on file before beginning rotations. HIPPA may be completed with your institution or by clicking the link below.

Dear Student,
You have an ethical and legal duty to keep patient information confidential. Federal law known as the Health Insurance Portability Act of 1996 (HIPPA) allow health care providers to use and disclose patient information for certain reasons, such as treatment, but at times it is necessary for the patient to agree to have his/her information used or disclosed. Health care providers also must consider who has access to the information and how much they need to see. Allowing a student to observe an encounter between a provider and a patient requires patient authorization. Failure to maintain the confidentiality of patient information required by HIPPA is considered a violation of the law and may have serious consequences.

Student Conduct Form

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The Fuse Me In student code of conduct form must be signed and on file before beginning rotations.

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